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Is there ever a time in your life where BALANCE isn’t relevant?

Whether you’re a young student trying to fit sports, friends and homework into your schedule, or a retired person trying to balance life after a long career and hectic family life. Seeking balance, appears to be a life-long challenge.

For me, finding time for myself has been my greatest challenge to date. Other people’s needs have generally come before my own for over sixty years. It is a deep and well worn life path. And with all well worn paths, they can become the ruts that we can fall back in to if we’re not careful.

As noble as it sounds on the surface, the challenge is to balance what you do for others, with what you can do for yourself. It’s impossible to pour anything from an empty cup.

If your issue is sleep, or food, or exercise, it doesn’t matter…going too far in one direction or another has consequences. Finding my sleep balance only came after buying a grounding mat. I didn’t sleep more than five or six hours a night, for years and years. Now with eight to ten hours of restful sleep, I feel great! In fact, I look better. Finding the balance in my diet, and exercise has had a profound effect on my health, and positive outlook as well.

As I step back, allowing others the opportunity to enjoy the work I used to do, I act as a mentor teaching future generations about the importance of passing the baton.

Whether you are beginning to walk for the first time, or using a walker in your later years…BALANCE is everything.

This week we celebrate the Spring Equinox which is literally the balance of day and night. On this day you can balance an egg or and broom on its end. So build a Carne, or try the yoga Tree Pose…and if you haven’t had a day off in a while…relax and do something really sweet for yourself.

I love you so much,


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