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A Generous Heart

A Generous heart is what our world needs from us right now. More now than ever, humanity could use some kind words…and a great deal of comfort.

Even though I don’t watch the news, I can hardly avoid the all the concerns people have about the cruelty that is running amuck on our streets around the world. Time has not changed our story of inequity. A thousand years cannot change what refuses to change…but We can do it. We, the collective have the power to change our world.

Let us not wait for the elusive “Time” to heal everything. Let us in this moment, pause and ask for help.

As the Festival of Souls continues through the New Year, our ever-present Angels, Guides and Ancestors are more assessable to us than at any other time of year. And they stand at the ready to help us in any way they can. Our prayers are always heard. Although, not always answered in the way we expect.

As you read this, please join me in a prayer for peace around the world.

Father, Mother, Infinite Spirit, thank you for hearing our prayers.

In this season of Light, please help us to help others who are suffering…and those who are afraid. May our Love surround them in comfort. May the Angels of Innocence protect our children…and heal those of us who have lost ours. May our own stores of courage be doubled and tripled to overflowing, so that we may offer courage to others who are in fear. Thank you for putting the perfect people in our path who encourage and inspire us. We ask now to be used as ambassadors for the New Earth. May we find the perfect words and actions to be useful and helpful to others.

I ask to be a peaceful person today…that my house be full of love and understanding…that my world be blessed with peace and joy. May I find the strength to control myself and find kinder words to speak. May I find compassion with me throughout the day, so that I do not feel compelled to judge another. May we all find the common thread that connects all of humanity. May this prayer for peace and joy reach onward and outward person to person, town to town and country to country…may our prayer for world peace join the other prayers for world peace, so it can be amplified a thousand times a thousand.

To quote an old song, “Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me.” Shalom, Aho, and Amen!

Thank you for joining me in this effort. I love you so much!

In perfect peace,

Mama Bear

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