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Angels Among Us

As we usher in November, I was thinking about the Holy Days just ahead. We are about to enter the most sacred time on the calendar.

Not only are we approaching another turn of the Medicine Wheel toward Winter, and the time of the White Buffalo (totem of wisdom & discernment), but we are entering the Festival of Souls. My Master Teacher told all her budding Ministers about a heavenly festival that celebrates humanity. I had never heard of it before…and to date, have found very little written about it. And yet…I know it to be true.

My teacher Marian had the ability to see Angels. She spoke to them every day. She could see them at the back of the church and when she forgot a word or lost her train of thought, she would look at something we could not see, then get a big grin on her face and say, “thank you”…and carry on with her sermon. They were her constant companions. Every November, she would give a special sermon about the Festival of Souls and she would tell us how much the Angels admire the courage of Humans. It is at this time of year that the veil between Heaven and Earth is at its thinnest. We are more likely to have our own encounters with Angels between Halloween and the first of the year.

There is a beautiful Irish woman called Lorna Byrne. If you look her up on You Tube, she does short teaching videos about Angels. She has been able to see them since she was a child…her personal story is fascinating. Lorna also tells us how much we are adored and admired by the Angels. She describes their relationship to us as more like siblings. Growing up Catholic, I thought that all Angels were a few pay grades above Humans, but that is not necessarily the case. They know how hard it is to come to Earth School. They see every single thing we go through in our lives. And they know how much we suffer being away from Home.

During this two month long celebration, we have greater access to the higher realms than any other time of year. And it is at this time of year that humanity needs a little extra encouragement…and help. So don’t be shy…”Knock and the door shall open…Ask and you will receive…”

Random acts of kindness are more necessary now than EVER!

I misjudged a situation yesterday. I don’t know what kept me in my seat, or kept my mouth shut…BUT, I am so grateful that I didn’t say what I wanted to say and do what I wanted very badly to do…thinking I would have made things better. I found out later that I had it all wrong. The person I had an issue with came to us for safety and understanding. She was met and nurtured by people who felt compassion for her. THANK YOU, whoever or whatever kept me away from her in that moment!!!!! Had I “Mama Bear’d” the situation, I would have injured her fragile emotional state…and further confirmed her fear of the world.

The Angels will act for us and through us…they never go away…they are ever present in our world.

During this Festival of Souls, may you FEEL the love that surrounds you. May you KNOW how much you are cherished and admired. They are celebrating humanities courage and acknowledging our part in building the New Earth in the midst of global chaos. They want us to know what a great job we’re doing, and how much they appreciate our hard work.

Happy Holy Days with much love from,

Mama Bear



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