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What you give is what you get

Do you live a happy life? Do you look forward to the mystery of what each day will hold? If so, there is nothing you need to change. Keep up the good work!

If not, what is the point? When do you plan to begin your extraordinary life? Being over sixty has come with so many gifts. Many of life’s struggles are behind me now. But, in looking around, age doesn’t seem to be a happiness indicator. For many people, the older they get, the more things they find to complain about.

You are getting from life exactly what you are giving to it. It is a Universal Law. I don’t remember hearing about these laws in school. In fact, I didn’t learn about Universal Laws until I was in my forties. What a relief to know why my life was not working.

Even though God has a sense of humor, the Universe does not. Its laws are cold and treat everyone of us exactly the same. The Laws even out the playing field for humanity, so to speak. I used to think that life was unfair. It appeared that some people were just luckier than I was. It seemed unjust that anyone was hungry, homeless or sick. It felt terrible…until…I was introduced to the Laws.

It doesn’t appear to matter whether we believe in them or not, we are bound to them. Like physical laws, they do not require our understanding. You do not have to understand the mechanics or the dynamics of gravity to be bound by its law. No matter how determined you are…when you jump, you will not fly. We heard a lot about the Law of Attraction when the book and movie The Secret became popular. For some, it was the first time they had ever heard of the Universal Laws. And so, I thank the authors for introducing the concept of creating your own reality.

Today, I would like to introduce you to one of the lesser known Laws…the Law of Reciprocity. Without it, we may find creating our own reality a little challenging. The Law of Reciprocity is all about giving and receiving. It sounds rather elementary, but many of us are not even able to receive a compliment without dodging it. We look down or away and we diminish it by saying, “Oh, this old thing?”

Energetically, reciprocity is all about control, or the lack thereof. If you are giving, you are in control of who you give to, what you give and when you give, and how much. When you are on the receiving end, you control nothing except your response. You cannot control the amount given, the time it is given, the who or the why! You are vulnerable at this point and generally, humility is the last thing we think of as a tool. Why does a humble “thank you” not seem enough? We want to run out and do something for that person, or buy them something to pay them back!

When you receive a kindness from anyone, remember that you are getting from this world what you have already put into it. It is simply your own energy coming back to you. Isn’t that cool? My friend Martha O’Regan once wrote; “Pre-sent from the past and in to the future.” introducing us to the idea that the present moment was pre-sent by You. So, enjoy the rewards of being a kind person. Receive gladly the generosity you have shown to others. When something seems unfair, go back and look where you sent that from.

The answers will amaze you.

With much love,

Mama Bear

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