1404-B Paris. Ave. (second floor) Port Royal, SC 29935

Susan Stone

Artist, Author, Intuitive Healer/Counselor, Reiki Master, Ordained Minister, Level III Reconnection Healer,  Certified Crystal Healer & Initiated Shamanic Practitioner

After selling ZenDen at the end of 2022, Susan needed a quiet place to paint and to finish her next book. And true to her nature…within six months, a new school of Arts was born!

Susan has been drawing since she could hold a pencil. Art was her way of expressing her uniqueness in the world. She holds an associate degree in Commercial Art but found advertising too limiting for her talents. She spent thirty + years as a professional gardener and landscape designer, which still allowed her time in between to design kitchens, teach drawing & painting for USCB and most recently at ZenDen.

On a spiritual note…

In 2010, Susan was struck by lightning and instead of being injured, she was awakened. Admittedly, the awakening had begun years before, but this event opened up a line of communication that is still developing to this day. She has developed the ability to connect and communicate with people beyond the veil of this world. 

During the five years that she owned and operated ZenDen of Port Royal, she discovered hundreds of people awakening to their potential. As they were discovering their own unique natural abilities, the questions always arose: What now? Who do I talk to about this? How do I tell my family what I can now see/feel/hear?

Sharing her experiences is important to Susan. She understands how it feels to be different…and how isolating it can become. So as the school develops, all the programs will expand. And her greatest hope is that you will discover the artist, poet, musician, and amazing human that you are!

We Heard You by Susan Stone
We Heard You by Susan Stone

Her first book…

We Heard You is available on Amazon, at ZenDen, and the Beaufort Book Store.

Her next book is called The Magical Nature of Humans, it’s subtitled;  We are more than we appear to be.

Coming in the Spring of 2024




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