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Susan Stone

Welcome to The Arts!

For those of you who don’t know me or why I created a new business…The Arts Port Royal was created for all members of our community, and beyond. What started out as a hunt for a quiet place to finish my next book, became a school of arts within six months! I am thrilled to have another opportunity to serve my community in a slightly new way. As former owner of ZenDen in Port Royal, I realized how many people were looking for answers in so many areas of life.

Teaching art began for me in Ohio when I got out of college in 1984. Then again once I landed in South Carolina in 1996. I was invited to teach drawing and painting at Haig Point on Daufuskie Island (where I worked full time as landscape designer, grower and gardener), and two years later at USCB on Hilton Head after I left Haig Point.

My training as an American Shaman started under the tutelage of Shelly Gillum (author of Coyote Lodge), Peter Calhoun (author of Soul on Fire and The Last Hope on Earth) and Grandfather Yellow Horseman (Peace Elder of the Creek Choctaw and Cherokee Nations). I was initiated as a Shaman in 2009, and given the name Great Bear Medicine Woman. In 2010 I was ordained as a non-denominational Minister by an amazing woman who gave me the confidence to step fully in to my new role. You will hear more about the wise Marian Starnes as time goes on…I quote her often!

I became a published author in 2012…after channeling an amazing message called We Heard You. In my desperate desire to help our planet, I was donating to every worthy cause and was becoming discouraged by the sorry state of our world. I begged God to give me a mission, and I was answered.

Being struck by lightning (2010) helped me to “hear” and “see” things I didn’t know existed, and to this day helps me to help others. The lightning event opened all my psychic channels and set the stage for my next journey into the unseen and and unknown. My rich life has been as difficult as it’s been rewarding, and I trust that I can now answer a few questions about the complexity of life.

In my travels, I have had the good fortune to meet some of the most intelligent, interesting, and educated people in Beaufort and have recruited them to teach at the school. We have wellness professionals who have worked internationally to gather the BEST of the BEST information, treatments, and protocols. Gifted Mystics await the opportunity to share their optimism and hope. Healers who have dedicated their lives to good health and healing. AND Artists who bring so much joy to the world!

In the future, I will write about creativity, health, healing, confusion and trust, love and fear, and best of all…what it means to be human in the modern world.

It is my honor to serve you again,

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